Fund An Item

2021 Fund an Item:

This year, the committee has chosen renovation of all school bathrooms, including middle school, Grades 3-4 girls, Grades 1-2 boys, both cafeteria restrooms, and gym locker room restrooms.

Rose Gala Fund an Item 2021 – Bathroom Partitions

Over the years, we have been very successful with our “fund an item” projects for Holy Rosary School and Parish during our annual Rose Gala. Last year is a great example of just what we can do! We raised over $34,000 for the replacement and installation of window treatments in every K-8 classroom and the School Office area. What a tremendous difference it makes! Teachers and students are now able to clearly view technology in the classroom, and it enhanced the aesthetics of both inside and outside the classrooms of our campus.

This year’s project is no less important. Our goal this summer is to replace the partitions in all the bathrooms in the K-8 building including the Gym restrooms. They are the original partitions that were installed and are close to 70 years old. The many years of use have taken their toll on the metal partitions.  Rust has taken over most of the partition walls. Attempts to repair or repaint have not been able to stay ahead of their decline.

It is time to replace them!

The new partitions will be manufactured from a solid core phenolic compound that is easy to clean and will eliminate the possibility of rust in the future. Their resilience provides superior reliability in high use environments like we have at school.

The estimate of this project, including removal of the existing partitions, installation, and material for the new partitions is $30,000. Your support of this “fund an item” will be greatly appreciated.

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