O Queen of the holy rosary,
O bless us as we pray,
And offer thee our roses,
In garlands day by day.

While from our Father’s garden,
With loving hearts and bold,
We gather to thine honor,
Buds white and red and gold.

Holy Rosary Catholic Church 

Holy Rosary Catholic Church is a faith community of disciples of Jesus Christ. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we seek to know, love and serve God on our pilgrim journey to the kingdom of heaven.

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we embrace these obligations:

  • To learn life long about God’s truth and share the gift of that message and our tradition with our children and our wider community.
  • To constantly thank God in prayer and worship.
  • To demonstrate our love of God by our love to neighbor, especially the poor, the sick, the stranger.
  • To be good stewards and use the extraordinary gifts from God to meet our responsibilities.

Visit the Holy Rosary Parish website

Holy Rosary Catholic School

In a nurturing environment and through the cooperative effort of families, teachers, and parish community, all children at Holy Rosary Catholic School will develop a sound foundation of Catholic faith along with an excellent base of knowledge that prepares them to be lifelong learners.

Visit the Holy Rosary Catholic School website

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